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We are a couple with a strong interest in achieving happiness and well being in live despite sometimes challenging times and circumstances. And with our backgrounds, competencies and skills we want to help others to achieve magic and happiness in life following some practical guidelines or First Principles. The busy life can sometimes lead to stress which let us forget how to lead a content, fruitful and meaningful life for ourselves and for the people around us. Sometimes this leads to decisions that have to be made. Sometimes it is small changes that are easy to make that have a big impact. Sometimes it is a different mindset, a more healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.

Eva’s background is in coaching and mentoring, communication, public relations, leadership development and human resources. She worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross listening to people calling at the Södersjukhuset Intensive Care and giving sound advice in stressful situations. Currently she is also working for the Rotary Club Stockholm as communication officer. Educated at Ledarstudion, Inner and Outer Management and Poppius Journalistskola for leadership development, coaching and as a journalist. It is very important to document all the steps in a coaching, mentoring situation based on what has been agreed upon. She is an expert in Human Resources, Change Management, Project Management and Management Consulting and has very strong skills in Leadership, Leadership Development and Coaching.

Eva’s personality is a true team player, very reliable and charismatic. She will do everything to achieve the goal of achieving a better life for others people who need it. Eva gives very good advice based on her sharp perception and strong analytic capabilities and makes sure that the advice is followed up and executed with a positive result. With a Hungarian background she also has a very strong cultural background and a great love for beauty in almost everything. Her capabilities as a photographer are very professional and recognized by Google.

Eva has a strong belief in making others lives better based on the understanding that it is always possible to identify small steps that can be improved and that together can make a huge difference to peoples lives and their self-esteem and self-perception. The ultimate goal is to become more happy and content and to stay like that by being aware of the importance of it for personal and relational well-being regarding body, mind and soul. Healthy food and exercise are important next to having a strong mindset for thinking things through thoroughly and being in a strong and loving relationship with oneself and with others.

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Göran’s background is in psychology, cognitive science (science of the functioning of the brain), educational science, psycholinguistics, information science and human factors. He holds a Master and a PhD in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology. In general his work is about how the brain processes information, such as visual, auditory and motoric information into meaning and valuable knowledge and information that can be properly managed and stored in longer term memory and used easily when needed. And what goes wrong in specific cases such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD and other brain related conditions. The emotional context and circumstances in which information is processed is a very important factor in establishing solutions and creating improvements.

When the body and mind are in balance it is much easier to store and retrieve information. The emotional state is very important both for learning and for retrieving information or skills. Learning to read is a very good example. It is a delicate harmony of visual information, auditory information (the spoken language) and semantic information (meaning). If something does not work well in this harmony reading becomes more difficult. If the harmony works reading can really become an emotional experience.

Göran’s experience and expertise is in diagnosing what goes wrong in this harmony of different types of information and intelligences. And how this imbalance can be remediated in the best possible way, using the proper therapeutical methods including technological solutions for training and education. Göran has been doing this over 25 years in many countries all over the world both for individuals, smaller organizations, larger organizations and in enterprises.

Recommendation: If you are interested in our approach based on the First Principles of Life and Learning, follow our blogs or contact us for more information.

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