Being smart by combining your social, emotional and general intelligence

About: the value of multiple intelligences

Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence together are a very powerful combination. Emotional and social competencies are linked to self-awareness, self-management and relationship management, which enable people to understand and manage their own and others’ emotions in social interactions. What can you do with these intelligences? It is clear that technical skills and IQ alone are not enough in our current society both at a personal level and in interaction with others. Emotional and social skills are responsible for a better life and also in general your performance. It is important to realize these skills can be learned and improved over time. IQ is more or less fixed at a relatively early age although influenced by upbringing and cultural background.

What is the difference? They are both critical for embracing innovation and change. Social intelligence is more about the future. Figuring out the best way way to get along, e.g. by giving constructive criticism without being blunt. Emotional intelligence is more about the present, and more closely related to feelings. By reading someone’s face, you can tell whether that person is happy, nervous, shy or sad. EQ and SQ, combined with your IQ, or also the balance between Soul, Body and Mind are key to leveraging human ingenuity, happiness and self-esteem. Only when all three are functioning well and in balance a person can become truly happy as a person. And also course in interaction and collaboration with others such as in a meaningful relationship or with colleagues.

Recommendation: Listen to what people say, but also look at their non-verbal communication. Is there a good balance between what they say and what they do. And how about yourself? Think about this every day.

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